Warriors in Burning Crusade

The role of the warrior changed significantly in Burning Crusade when compared with vanilla WoW; this article is written to illustrate the mentality and the environment of players which played warriors during Burning Crusade felt.

Warriors have always played a very dominant role in World of Warcraft, although in Burning Crusade classes such as Paladins and Druids were buffed heavily in their respective tanking specializations, with their traditional Sword and Board tanking style warriors still shined as the premium Main Tank for any raid. It is always hard to share the pedestal with others, in vanilla WoW warriors were the only real tank for any raid encounter – making them feel threatened in this aspect during the release of Burning Crusade. However, blizzard’s love for warriors continued to grow and although Paladins and Druid tanks were used, they were mainly placed in roles of Area of Effect Tanking (AoE) and Off Tanking (OT) with Warriors still tanking the top spot for tanking raid bosses due to their superior damage mitigation and rage mechanic.

The skills used by warriors tanks were almost identical to that of vanilla WoW (heroic strike, revenge, shield block, sunder armor), and although blizzard did implement many encounters which required AoE tanking, they chose not to give warriors much utility for AoE tanking until very late in the Burning Crusade expansion (possibly to give other classes a chance to shine in another tanking aspect). This caused considerable distaste for the warrior class, whereby many players preferred to use Paladins or Druids to tank heroics as warriored tank runs generally took much longer due to their limited AoE capabilities and the need to bring along crowd-control (CC) classes such as mages, warlocks, rogues in order to make up for this deficit.

Damage Per Second (DPS) warriors faced a vastly different environment from vanilla WoW, Arms specialization was now strictly for PvP purposes and Fury (one hand duel -wield) for PvE. Arguably, warriors have, and possibly always will be the most gear dependent class due to the rage mechanism. Due to this, highly geared fury wars often were able to top charts for many boss fights in Black Temple and Sunwell. However, because of this same rage mechanic undergeared warriors often were left to “bite the dust” of other classes as blizzard was unable to scale warriors in such a way which would allow undergeared players to be competitive without overgeared players completely overwhelming other classes.